Light is beautiful Vintage Edition 1906

Authentic, versatile, uncomplicated - the Vintage Edition 1906 combines retro design with modern technology.

For your stylish home: OSRAM design retro light bulbs and luminaires

Nine products, one philosophie: The 1906 Edition revives classic light bulb shapes with modern technology inside.

Combine any of the five light bulbs with the PenduLum to enrich your room with that vintage feel.

Edition 1906: Exciting light for modern people

Icelandic product designer Thorunn from Reykjavik and freelance photographer Johannes from Berlin share perspectives on the topic of light.

Inspired by the past. Perfect for the present.

High-quality products are designed with dedication and love for detail. This is especially the case for the Vintage Edition 1906. Guided by timeless styling, light bulb classics such as Globe, Edison, Oval and Tubular allow light to shine at its most beautiful.

As beautiful as in former times, at the same time individual and flexible for creative people today. Lighting can again become what it once was: the center of attention.

Edition 1906 Island 1

Edition 1906 Island 2
Edition 1906 Island 3
Edition 1906 Island 4

Beauty inspired by former times with modern technology inside – the Vintage Edition 1906. The PenduLum luminaire in minimalist industrial design combines aesthetics with functionality. The puristic design of the Edison, Globe, Oval and Tubular light bulbs with satin-finish aluminum base in gold or black is true to the original style.

Sophisticated lighting technology – LED or halogen – combines classic traditional values with modern features, such as energy efficiency, durability or light quality.

Edition 1906 Island 5
Edition 1906 Island 6

Decorative shapes, fantastic light, efficient technology

All Vintage Edition 1906 products at a glance

Vintage 1906 PenduLum

Pendant light bulb in minimalistic industrial design

Minimalist industrial design: the PenduLum luminaire, which comes in gold and black, impresses with its classic aluminum housing and stylish textile cable. To say nothing of its exceptional functionality: the pendant luminaire can be used and combined in an extremely flexible way thanks to a clever pull-cord system.

  • Minimalist industrial design
  • Authentic materials and quality workmanship: made entirely of aluminum with a satin finish for great "look and feel"
  • Different color versions: black and gold
  • Accessories available for flexible use with intelligent pull-cord system
  • Power: max. 60 watts
  • Suitable for luminaires in energy efficiency classes A++ to E
  • Product dimensions: l: 84±3 mm; w: 220 mm; h: 55 mm; ø: 68±3 mm

Vintage 1906 LED Edison

Efficient elegance: the amber-gold tinted LED Edison light bulbs sparkle with an exciting, classic filament design and excellent energy efficiency – typical LED. One more reason to connect Edison in series straight away.

  • Power (non-dimmable): 4 watts
  • Power (dimmable): 7 watts
  • Luminous flux (non-dimmable): 410 lumens
  • Luminous flux (dimmable): 710 lumens
  • Color temperature: especially warm white (2400 Kelvin)
  • Finish: amber-gold tinted
  • Color rendering (Ra): 80
  • Base color: brass

Vintage 1906 Halogen Oval

Subtle style icon: a halogen light bulb with charming retro curves that ensures the right lighting mood in any situation thanks to perfect dimming and customary light quality.

  • Diameter: 200 mm
  • Height: 25 mm
  • Material: aluminum
  • Color: black

Vintage 1906 Halogen Globe

Convex eyecatcher: The powerful halogen globe is a flagship of the Vintage Edition 1906 – a striking example of how the product line celebrates timeless shapes

  • Power: 20 watts
  • Luminous flux: 235 lumens
  • Color temperature: warm white (2700 Kelvin)
  • Finish: clear
  • Color rendering (Ra): 100
  • Base color: brass
  • Dimmable

Vintage 1906 Halogen Tubular

The retro tube: like all halogen light bulbs in the Vintage Edition 1906, these authentic light bulbs combine vintage style with flawless color reproduction and the brilliance you would expect from halogen.

  • Power: 20 watts
  • Luminous flux: 235 lumens
  • Color temperature: warm white (2700 Kelvin)
  • Finish: clear
  • Color rendering (Ra): 100
  • Base color: brass
  • Dimmable

Fancy a change? Our exciting mounting options

Whether Loop, Wing, Handstand or Bouquet – anything goes. Never before was it so easy to combine and mount luminaires. The Vintage Edition 1906 PenduLum luminaires with textile cable and clever pull-cord system ensure your favorite combination.

Vintage Edition 1906 stories

Retro lighting – a fabulous design trend that offers exciting lighting options

retro heater flower

The new “it” lifestyle – retro revival

Vintage, retro, classic, nostalgia – call it whatever you like but there’s no denying it’s all the rage! From the American jukebox playing classics on vinyl to the iconic Italian Vespa, retro is experiencing a dynamic revival the world over. And at LEDVANCE, we are spreading the glow.

The way we live is changing at breakneck speed. But the faster we head towards a bold, new digital future, the more we seem to love all things retro. In an increasingly virtual world, we crave nostalgia, timeless design, authenticity and durability. Maybe it’s the appeal of holding something in your hands rather than clicking a Wii button. Or maybe it’s the fact that retro simply looks cool – after all, it’s the ultimate style statement. And nowhere is this truer than in the world of lighting, where exposed bulbs are striking an exciting balance between timeless vintage and industrial chic.

Yet as much as we desire the look of days gone by, we want our technology to be firmly rooted in the present. The OSRAM Edition 1906 range of LED and halogen lightbulbs and fixtures is the ultimate expression of retro high-tech. Faithfully recreated from Edison’s first lightbulb, these authentic design statements give a knowing nod to the past – while firmly propelling you into the future.

Delivered by LEDVANCE, OSRAM Edition 1906 lighting is guaranteed to WOW your friends and family.

retro light bulbs

Light your way!

So you’ve decide to rock the retro look? And you’re all aglow at the prospect of putting up your new OSRAM Edition 1906 retro lightbulbs from LEDVANCE?

It’s hard not to get excited when you see how the Edition 1906 lightbulbs add unmistakable, urban-chic charm to any room – combining industry sophistication with retro-minimalist flair. But then your heart sinks as you realize that your room is just not playing ball. The outlet is too far away from the space you wish to illuminate. And you don’t want to design your room around your lights– you want your lights to follow the room!

As the Edition 1906 designer Gregor Faubel says: “Everybody knows the problem: You want the luminaire to be in a specific spot – but the outlet is elsewhere. You can either resort to an adventurous self-made construction. Or you can just get the Edition 1906 PenduLum.”

The Edition 1906 PenduLum throws a new light on cabling – turning it from a means to an end into an end-in-itself. The Edition 1906 PenduLum light features a satin-finished aluminum socket which hangs from a long, fabric covered cable. It comes with two aluminum rings and a length of steel rope which runs from any outlet or wall ring to a ceiling ring directly over the area you wish to illuminate.

This ingeniously simple yet bold industrial design statement allows you to position your light wherever you need it – adding the perfect modernist touch to your carefully styled room.

LED: Design and efficiency

Design & efficiency – that matches!

Light tells fascinating stories. It changes moods and brings people and places to life. But can it work its magic on our ailing planet? The answer is YES – with the OSRAM Edition 1906 range of vintage LED lightbulbs and fixtures from LEDVANCE.

Gone are the days when retro bulbs were energy-guzzling eye-catchers, appreciated for their nostalgic flair but not for their environmental credentials. The OSRAM Edition 1906 range of vintage LED lightbulbs and fixtures combines the retro look of times gone by with the technology of today.

Edition 1906 glass and brass bulbs come in a range of stylish shapes. Their intricate filament designs bring a unique, antique glow to your home. But that’s not the only way they shine – they also put the spotlight on sustainability. Consuming up to 80 % less electricity, they last up to five times longer than conventional incandescent bulbs and keep on shining for up to 25,000 hours. And you can say goodbye to mercury and other hazardous materials. These LED wonders are good news for your bank balance and the environment. Whoever said you can’t have it all?