Building KnowLEDge: How much money can I save with OSRAM LED light bulbs?

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LED light bulbs consume far less energy than conventional bulbs and last much longer. But how much I can actually save with the modern and efficient light bulbs?

Save around 15 Euros in a year with one LED light bulb

The purchase of LED light bulbs pays for itself in just a few months

LED light bulbs are still more expensive than the old incandescent bulbs or halogen light bulbs. But after a few months, you can save money by purchasing a modern LED light bulb already. The reason: LEDs are much more energy efficient than conventional bulbs. Especially when you need light quite often and for long periods or especially in the winter months you will save quite fast.

No miracle: A former 100 watt light bulb is replaced by a 13 watt LED light bulb, a conventional 75 watt light bulb with a 9 watt LED light bulb. The savings potential is significant. In addition, high-quality LED light bulbs last much longer than conventional bulbs. A regular purchase therefore is not necessary.

Exciting examples for modern LED lighting

LED light bulbs with a particularly high potential for savings


LED light bulb in classic shape - 9 Watt

Without warm up time and with a power consumption of just 9 watt, this warm white, dimmable and frosted LED light bulb SUPERSTAR CLASSIC A 60 replaces every coventional light bulb with a power consumption of 60 watt.

LED Superstar Classic A60 9W Warm White E27 Frosted

LED Star PAR16 35 2,6W Warm White GU10


LED reflector light bulb - 2.6 watt

The stylish LED reflector light bulb STAR PAR 16 35 convinces with warm white light color and high energy efficiency. It replaces conventional halogen light bulbs with pin base and a power consumption of 35 watt.