Building KnowLEDge: Why OSRAM LED?

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Place your trust in quality. Why? Because then you can really enjoy the advantages compared to traditional bulbs. Which are they?

Focus on light quality, durability & guarantee

The differences in quality are enormous for LED light bulbs

The market for LED light bulbs is booming. You can find products in different price categories. But what led light bulb meets your quality standards? You do not want to give up efficiency, light quality or longevity safe!

And the longest possible guarantee is also not the worst deal. You decide: for high-quality LED lights, which display their brilliance in your home and are just fun!

Exciting examples for modern LED lighting

Our recommendation: Top LED light bulbs from OSRAM


LED light bulb in classic shape - 4 watt

The warm white LED light bulb RETROFIT CLASSIC A 40 with its innovative LED filament convinces with a stylish exterior and a very low energy consumption. It replaces easy a conventional 40 watt light bulb while it really looks good.

LED Retrofit Classic A40 4W Warm White E27 Filament

LED Superstar PAR16 35 3,1W Warm White GU10


LED reflector light bulb - 3.1 watt

The LED reflector light bulb SUPERSTAR PAR 16 35 is the perfect replacement of conventional halogen light bulbs with a power consumption of 35 watt. The dimmable warm white light bulb convinces with a low energy consumption and a design made of glass.