Highly modern LED light bulbs. For your individual style.

Discover a huge variety of products, proven light quality and exciting lamp shapes.

More LEDs than ever: With our extensive range of LED light bulbs, we now offer you an exciting selection of products for a wide range of lighting requirements - and lots of great innovations.

LED light bulbs in high-quality full-glass design

Looks great and feels good: the full-glass mega trend is really fun!

Full-glass LED light bulbs

Modern, highly efficient LED light bulbs in a stylish incandescent light bulb look - that's a real design highlight. In high-quality glass design and with new LED filaments. You can use these so-called "retrofits" especially wherever the lampshade does not cover the lamp, for example in chandeliers. The retro lamps are available in a variety of shapes, with different socket sizes, sockets, wattages or light temperatures. Take a look, there have never been so many possibilities!

LED Décor light bulbs with that little extra something

The right mood depends on the light. Set decor accents!

LED Décor light bulbs

Colored LED light for atmospheric summer nights in the garden or non-dazzling light with attractive coatings, e. g. for the bathroom or cloakroom: The high-quality LED décor light bulbs in classic design are equipped with the most modern LED filament technology and bring a special touch to your home. Try it!

Cool Vintage Edition 1906 retro LED light bulbs

An exciting mix of vintage shapes, stylish filament technology, beautiful light and energy efficiency

Vintage Edition 1906 LED light bulbs

The Vintage Edition 1906's modern retro LED light bulbs, with their vintage shapes and great light, offer a five times higher light output than the good old light bulb, up to 80% energy savings and a long life of up to 25,000 hours.

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LED light bulbs with awesome additional features

Simply clever: LED light bulbs now have additional features. Built-in motion or daylight sensors, RGB color by remote control or light change by double-click

LED light bulbs with additional features

This is the latest generation of LED light bulbs: with built-in features. The bandwidth ranges from an integrated motion or daylight sensor, RGBW remote control for an easy control of light temperature and color, to changing the lighting mood with a simple push of a button. Control your lighting according to your individual wishes.

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LED tubes: Top replacement for fluorescent tubes

The energy-efficient and durable alternative to T8 fluorescent tubes

LED tubes

You still use fluorescent tubes? If one fails in the future, you should consider switching to LED tubes. You save about 70% energy costs and get flicker-free light. The new LED tubes are ideal for replacing T8 fluorescent tubes with conventional or electronic control gears (CCG and ECG). The replacement is extremely easy and and doesn’t require any rewiring.

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LED special lamps

LED power for special tasks

LED special lamps

Highly efficient, sturdy and longlasting: If needed for special application areas, modern LED technology is really able to play out its strengths. With new lamp types and an expanded range we are offering a comprehensive scope of innovative LED solutions for the most differing of illumination duties.

The exciting world of LED lighting

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