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Light accompanies us for a lifetime. LEDs ensure a great atmosphere - in every life situation.

Let yourself be captivated by the emotions of modern and efficient lighting, while at the same time protecting the environment.


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Stylisch LED light bulbs with retro look

The new full-glas LED retro light bulbs

Look like the original – but are considerably more efficient

Modern, highly efficient LED light bulbs in a stylish incandescent light bulb look - a truly design highlight. In a noble full-glass housing with new LED filaments. You can use the retro light bulbs especially with luminaires without a lampshade. The LED retro light bulbs are available in various shapes with different sockets. Have a look!

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Clearly innovations

The new single-spot full-glass LED reflector light bulbs

LEDVANCE presents their first full-glass LED reflector light bulbs! With them, you are perfectly prepared for the prohibition of a number of halogen reflector light bulbs that took effect in September 2016.

Your benefits:

  • Ideal LED replacements for the halogen reflector light bulbs PAR16 (GU10 base) and MR16 (GU5.3 base)
  • The PAR16 reflector has the look and feel of a halogen reflector light bulb thanks to a glass body with a light source and indirect light
  • It is also available as dimmable
LED reflector light bulbs in full glas

LED tubes

LED tubes: perfect replacement for fluorescent tubes

The energy efficient and long life alternative of T8-luminescent tubes

Switch to flicker-free light with the new OSRAM SubstiTUBE Star LED tubes. They are excellently suited for the replacement of T8 fluorescent light bulbs in luminaires with magnetic ballasts.

Only with the pure exchange of a commercially available 1.5 meter long T8 fluorescent light bulb with a SubstiTUBE Star LED tube you achieve a energy saving of around 70 %.

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Warm white light with LED light bulbs

A rapid development: Today's LED light bulbs radiate cozy light

In the pioneering era of LED, light was still very cool, but today you have a choice of various light colors. The warm white light of modern LED light bulbs now closely approximates the lighting ambience created by classic incandescent light bulbs.

Warm white, feel-good light with LED
Warm white light with LED light bulbs

The right LED light bulbs for your home

The right LED light bulbs for your home

Create great lighting with the right planning and right products

Consider precisely beforehand what you wish to illuminate and how. Wide-area lighting or point-based light? Cozy islands of light or light for work. LED solutions are available for all applications.

This is how to find the right LED light bulbs for your home

Great lighting tips for your living room

It's a matter of the right light mix

A living room is a room for the whole family, for relaxation, receiving guests and often for eating together. This is why the right light mix is important. You can cleverly combine various light atmospheres and mix indirect background light, detail lighting and wide-area ceiling illumination.

Great lighting tips for your living room
Great lighting tips for your living room