LED light bulbs with new features

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Modern LED light bulbs with exciting new features

Brillant light ideas for your modern and sustainable home

LED is much more than brilliant, highly efficient light: With many of its new products, LEDVANCE is now demonstrating just what sort of fascinating – and very user friendly – options that LED technology creates today.

OSRAM Relax & Active

From warm white to cold white light with one click

Highly convenient: You can change the entire lighting mood with just one click - with OSRAM Relax & Active LED light bulbs. Press the light switch to get warm white light with 2,700 Kelvin. For cozy and relaxing evening hours for two, the whole family or with friends.

If you want more activating and brighter light you just have to turn it off and then turn it on again within 3 seconds and you will automatically light up with 4,000 Kelvin. Particularly suitable for tidying up or when it is really dark outside.


From warm white to extra warm light with a dimmer

Warm white light is already very cozy and pleasant. Almost like with the good old light bulb. But the OSRAM Glow DIM is now really relaxed. You only need a dimmer and you can dim a further step down from 2,700 to 2,000 Kelvin. The result: an extra portion of comfort for relaxed hours at home.


Dimming without dimmer

Not every room is equipped with a dimmer. But would you like to have it cozy quickly though? With the OSRAM Duo Click DIM it's really easy. Press the light switch once and the light turns on with 100 % of the luminosity. But if you click the button twice the LED light bulb illuminates with 30 % of the full luminosity. In a nutshell:

  • 1 x click = 100 % light
  • 2 x click = 30 % light

OSRAM Daylight Sensor

More security for your home with an integrated dimming sensor

Is safety and energy efficiency important for you? The OSRAM Daylight Sensor has an integrated sensor that automatically turns the warm white LED light bulb on and off depending on a preset environmental brightness level. A practical solution for energy saving indoor and outdoor lighting.

Even luminaires which actually do not support this function switch on at nightfall and ensure safety with the OSRAM Daylight Sensor. The LED light bulb fits into any E27 bulb socket and replaces a 60- or 40-watt light bulb depending on the model. With an efficiency gain of up to 85%.