Retro LED bulb

Exciting design: LED incandescent light bulb with a great style factor

With OSRAM, LED light bulbs become design objects. Our new "LED RETROFIT" product series features a cool retro design. The LED "filaments" are strongly reminiscent of classic glow wires in the good old incandescent light bulbs. A real eye-catcher!

With LED light bulbs from OSRAM, you also bring modern lighting design into your home. Make the most of the warm white light and highly flexible options for use with our LED lighting solutions. Let your creativity radiate!


LED light bulbs with a stylish incandescent light bulb look

Timeless design meets innovative technology with the new "LED RETROFIT" LED incandescent light bulb range. The stylish LED light sources emit especially efficient and pleasant light. With their sophisticated look and feel in complete glass, they're ideal in open luminaires such as chandeliers.


Exciting lighting possibilities with our stylish LED light bulbs

Modern beauty in a classic design

Modern beauty in a classic design

Perfect for use in chandeliers

The LED RETROFIT light bulbs provide elegant and impressive lighting solutions that simply look great. The warm white, 2,700 Kelvin light color creates a pleasant light atmosphere, emphasizes the design and architecture of your home and contributes to a modern, stylish ambience.

Stylish LED light bulbs with a design factor in fine complete glass