What’s hot: The nine latest in LED trends

LEDs are the most modern lighting sources with many great advantages. Find out what inspires you.

How many LED trends does it take to change a light bulb? Today more and more people are switching to LEDs in order to open up creative possibilities and save energy. We check out the latest innovations revolutionizing home lighting and garden lighting – see which ones could fit your look!

Lighting via smartphone app

Trend 1: There’s an app for that!

Our smartphone love affair looks set to continue. As it becomes possible to coordinate more and more of our daily lives via the device we rarely leave the house without; lighting is no exception. All you need is the relevant app, a wireless connection/internet cloud, a control center (such as the LEDVANCE Gateway) and smart LED products. You can adjust the lighting in your home anytime, from anywhere. Tip: best to make sure no one is in before you do!

Trend 2: Customize lighting schemes for your whole house

It is now possible to pre-program lighting schemes for your entire home and garden. Whether “vacation” mode (with lights randomly going on and off to give the appearance of being home), or “party time” (to set the right mood for a good night), lighting will no longer be on your “to do” list.

Customized lighting

RGB color lighting

Trend 3: Give your home a color makeover

No need to redecorate if you want to add a splash of color to the walls. As LEDs can be engineered to produce almost any desired spectrum of visible light, color tuning in homes and gardens is increasingly popular. Blue Monday? Ruby Tuesday?

Trend 4: Illuminate small spaces

LEDs have a long shelf live – so why not add them to your shelves! With LED tape and ropes, you can light up every nook and cranny in your home and garden: from wardrobes and drawers, to parasols and stairways. Flexible, small and adjustable, the strips can often be cut to size and applied with self-adhesive tape. Maybe time to shed light on what’s lurking at the back of your kitchen cupboards!

LED light strip

Biological light

Trend 5: Healthy light options

The word light is often associated with health, but normally as an adjective rather than a noun. Yet light itself also plays an important role. LED technology is increasingly being merged with scientifically based human-centric approaches to boost concentration and compliment sleeping patterns. You have trouble getting out of bed in the morning? Try lighting that mimics sunrise to help you wake up more naturally.

Trend 6: Join the retro revival

In an increasingly virtual world, we crave nostalgia, timeless design and authenticity. However, we have also come to expect efficiency and functionality. As modern, digital innovations are striving to throwback to vintage design, LED Edison-style light bulbs are a great way to add a retro vibe to your home, in an energy efficient manner. They are the best of both worlds.

Retro LED lighting

LED Outdoor lighting

Trend 7: Extend the summer with outdoor lighting

We all know that gloomy feeling when we notice the evenings have started getting shorter. Luckily, as long as you can stand the temperatures, light should no longer be an issue. As LED light bulbs are highly resistant, have a long life and therefore reduced maintenance requirements, we can all stay outside longer.

Trend 8: I’d light to get to know you

They know what you like, and they know what you light. Smart LED products are the shining beacon of lighting innovation. They can actually learn how they are being used and then begin to modify their behavior to please their users. Does someone in your house always leave the lights on? No longer a problem! With intelligent lighting management systems, lights can turn off automatically when a room is unoccupied.

Smart LED light bulbs

LED energy savings

Trend 9: The good news is that these trends won’t hurt your wallet…

LEDs help reduce overall energy consumption and maintenance costs. They have a longer lifespan than alternatives, and have also become cheaper to buy. Seems not all latest fashions have to be the most expensive options available!