Living room with LED

Wall and ceiling luminaires

Luminaires for a timelessly cozy home

LED luminaires for decorative and asthetical home lighting

  • For discerning customers with a preference for high-quality design and energy-efficient technology

  • Within product families you can adjust luminaires with each other, if they are located in one room, for example home luminaires


Designer luminaires made of highest-quality glass

With superb high-quality finish, the LUNIVE family of LED luminaires stands for energy-efficient lighting in a modern and timeless design. An integrated OSRAM LED module inside ensures especially uniform illumination of the luminous element so that the clear contours are shown to their best advantage.

Modern, timeless and versatile

  • Energy-saving LED technology
  • High-quality glass finish
  • Italian designs available in various sizes and wattages
  • Available in two light colors, the luminaire offers the right atmosphere for every room
  • 5-year guarantee
  • For decorative wall and ceiling lighting in living and working areas as well as bedrooms, kitchens,or entrance areas
Modern living room

Stairs in modern house


Arched designer luminaire made of highest-quality glass, framed in brushed steel

Energy-efficient, high-quality and contemporary design: That is, what the LUNIVE stands for. The integrated OSRAM LED module ensures a particularly homogeneous illumination of the light bulb body and brings a expressive contrast to the frame of brushed steel.

Contemporary design for a versatile use

  • Energy-saving LED technology
  • High quality glass with a frame made of brushed steel
  • Design made in italy, available in different sizes and power levels
  • Two light colors to realise different atmospheres in the room
  • 5 years guarantee
  • For decorative lighting in your living and working areas as well as bedrooms,kitchens or entrance areas

LED Flat – LED Ring

Luminaires with innovative LED module concept

The two luminaires consistently harness all the benefits of LED technology. This can be seen especially in the uniform illumination, the extremely slim, modern design and concentration on the essential luminaire components. This approach also allows especially fast and simple installation of the luminaires.

Sophisticated design for versatile applications

  • Low energy consumption thanks to modern LED technology
  • Especially simple installation
  • Both decorative and functional
  • Ideally suited for direct and indirect lighting in living and working areas as well as bedrooms,kitchens or entrance areas
Modern living room lighting