Amazon Echo: our newest partner system

Our Smart Home products can be combined with many current smart home systems. Even if you bet on a system other than OSRAM LIGHTIFY, you can easily use our smart products.

Smart Home compatibility

Our preferred partner for your home lighting

OSRAM LIGHTIFY - our preferred partner

OSRAM LIGHTIFY is one of the best known and most powerful Smart Lighting systems worldwide. Our Smart Home products can be connected and used excellently with the LIGHTIFY app.

OSRAM LIghtify

Download the LIGHTIFY app from the Apple App Store (iOS7)

LIGHTIFY app in the App Store

Download the LIGHTIFY app from Google Play Store (Android 4.1)

LIGHTIFY in the Google Play Store

This is how Smart lighting works

Smart products, a gateway and a smartphone app

This is how smart lighting works

Compatible with many smart home systems

Amazon Echo, a gateway and smart light bulbs

Amazon Echo