Fluorescent light bulbs in garage

Fluorescent light bulbs

High light output, long durability, good reliability and low energy consumption

For a wide spectrum of applications and requirements

Fluorescent light bulbs are among the most widely used light sources in the world. Innovative light bulbs such as LUMILUX from OSRAM are available in a wide range of shapes that offer a wide spectrum of design options. The main advantages of fluorescent light bulbs are a high luminous efficacy, long service life, superior reliability and low energy consumption.

With various light colors, your customers are always able to select precisely the right light bulb from the complete OSRAM range for their individual lighting requirements.

With the OSRAM light colors LUMILUX Cool White for natural daylight and LUMILUX Warm White for atmospheric home lighting, the right light color is available for a wide range of applications. The OSRAM portfolio also includes colored fluorescent light bulbs for creative and decorative lighting solutions. The special light colors BIOLUX and FLUORA are especially suitable for raising small animals or stimulating plant growth.

Fluorescent light bulb light in various shapes:

T8, T5, circular and U-shaped light bulbs

OSRAM fluorescent light bulbs are characterized by a long service life, low power consumption and an excellent price-performance ratio. The well-proven light bulb technology includes T5 tubular light bulbs (∅ 16 mm), T8 tubular light bulbs(∅ 26 mm) as well as light bulbs with special shapes (circular and U-shaped).

  • T8 tubular light bulbs provide a low-cost solution for both commercial and private use and are also available with special light colors
  • T5 tubular light bulbs feature high efficiency and long lifespans
  • Circular light bulbs distribute light with high uniformity due to their shape
  • U-shaped light bulbs are especially suitable for space saving and low-cost lighting concepts

Animals and plants: Fluorescent light bulbs for special applications

  • BIOLUX with light color 965 is perfect for lighting enclosures for small animals
  • FLUORA with light color 77 is ideal for healthy plant growth